Sweet Burning

Sweet, how shall I of my soul keep abreast?
Awakened by your thrill, it weaves and wends
across the room to where you stand, and lest
memory lift and notions falter, rends
itself from me and dissolves in yours just
like shadows that meld when the dusk descends.
Emotions feed on life till they crest
and all but crash on surfeit’s dicey ends.

It is guilty of treason, my spirit;
Ignoring my decrees of caution so!
While I strive in vain to judge, doubt, work out
algorithms to calculate love, it,
eluding my mind’s attempt to lasso,
like suppressed laughter, swells and spills without.

-Roslin Steeple


7 Replies to “Sweet Burning”

  1. So beautifully written. It’s​ impressive how you have used rhyme and meter. It doesn’t sound forced at all and is absolutely free flowing!


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